Meridian-Kessler, Indianapolis

Meridian-Kessler real estate’s average home sales price is approximately $250,000. Meridian-Kessler’s home prices range between $50,000 to almost $600,000. (statistics from MIBOR).

Meridian-Kessler Indiana is a residential neighborhood located about 4 miles north of downtown Indianapolis. Meridian-Kessler is bounded on the north by Kessler Boulevard, on the east by the Monon Trail greenway corridor, on the south by 38th Street and to the west by Meridian Street.

Meridian-Kessler remains a predominantly upper-middle class area and a highly desirable neighborhood. However, there are poorer working class households located mainly in the southeast quadrant of the neighborhood. Meridian-Kessler has achieved some degree of racial diversity, but it is less integrated than the neighboring Butler-Tarkington community.

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